Totoro steamed black sesame cupcake

I came across this cute infographic the other day, made by MissVinagre. It's a mini guide telling you how to draw Totoro in a cupcake. Frankly speaking, I have never seen the movie My Neighbor Totoro. But it seems that Totoro is quite popular, seeing it appearing on quite a lot of blogs (Bubzbeauty, Ochikeron). I wasn't even born yet when this movie was released! It was released back in 1988 and it has received some awards too. I have added this to my 'Movies-to-Watch-list', should watch it on a lazy winter's day with some hot chocolate & marshmallows. 

Now this is my version of 'Totoro in a cupcake'.


2 eggs
70 gram sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
2tbs black sesame powder
200 gram self raising flour
130 gram milk
firm cupcake molds
black food coloring or dark cocoa powder

1. Mix eggs with the sugar until fluffy and pale yellow.
2. Add milk.
3. Add the flour, half at the time.
4. Add oil, mix well.

Now you will have a plain batter.

5. For the drawing part, follow the instructions from the infographic.

For the grey colored batter I used black sesame powder
For the plain batter I used vanilla essence
For the black batter I used some black food coloring, but you can use some dark cocoa powder if you don't want to use food coloring.

6. Steam for 15 minutes. 

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